25 Best Hotel Swimming Pools in the World

Grace, Santorini

Seeking a place in the sun? Carved into Santorini’s rugged clifftop, Grace shines, quite literally, its whitewashed splendour matched by the sparkling waters of a stunning infinity pool, with spectacular views that can be hard for guests to comprehend.

Boasting a poolside bar, that emerges from the hotel’s renowned restaurant, luxurious loungers are the perfect place to sample a speciality cocktail, whilst listening to a little Greek jazz music and soaking up the island’s restorative rays. Like to continue the water theme elsewhere? Pick a Grace Suite, with its own private plunge pool.

With free pilates and yoga classes held daily, Grace is a resort that has health and wellness in mind and a better place to relax is hard to imagine. Looking for something more lively? Rest assured that the resort comes alive at night, when the party moves out to the pool, with good food guaranteed and the drinks flowing.


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