25 Best Hotel Swimming Pools in the World

Villa Althea, Kefalonia, Greece

Villa Althea

Ranked amongst the finest Mediterranean villas around, Althea sits proud atop its perch, 300 metres above Myrtos, with its world-renowned beach, sparkling turquoise waters and perfect sands. Lie back on a lounger on the terrace and soak up the Kefalonian sun, before heading down to the pool, an inverted pyramid that boasts spectacular views, fringed by hillside greenery, with the glimmering ocean beyond.

There’s a great deal to see here, but this is a place to hunker down and escape, a clifftop retreat, unspoilt and exquisite, where indulgence abounds, and all is at peace.

You could head down the hillside, take a trip to the beach and explore all that the local area has to offer. Or you could pour another drink, lie back with a book and enjoy the sound of silence, before heading back to the pool to cool down in the soothing waters that shimmer in the sun.


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