25 Best Hotel Swimming Pools in the World

Chongwe River House, Zambia, Africa

Chongwe River House

Located on the banks of the Chongwe River, deep in the Zambian bushland, visitors head here for an authentic taste of Africa, presented with no shortage of style.

The breathtaking wilderness is all around, with opportunities for animal spotting aplenty, but nowhere are the natural surroundings better enjoyed than from the riverside pool, which appears to merge with the Chongwe, as it flows peacefully past.

Spot elephant herds ‘ commonplace here ‘ from your poolside perch, either in the glimmering water or from a luxurious lounger, all framed by a spectacular natural landscape which serves as the perfect destination for those seeking a private safari experience. With local guides on hand, exploration and adventure is always on the agenda here, but you might prefer to relax in the elegant lodge and its grounds; on the deck, or in the pool, there’s not a bad seat in the house.


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