25 Best Hotel Swimming Pools in the World

Castello di Reschio, Umbria, Italy

Castello di Reschio

Hidden far from sight in the verdant Umbrian hills, Castello di Reschio is a place of peace and privacy, a tranquil retreat amongst the surrounding oak forests and olive groves, where service and style are top priorities and where the strains and stresses of modern life melt away.

Perfectly-proportioned vacation homes range from small cottages to grand palazzos, but no matter their size, all here is chic and sophisticated, with an obvious emphasis on design and with no detail overlooked.

This extends out to the luxurious poolside, with tempting loungers on the lawns, water that sparkles in the bright Italian sunshine and spectacular views that extend out over the valleys and hills beyond. Swimming does not get much more stylish or secluded than this and given all that is on offer here, and the manner in which it is presented, Castello di Reschio’s remarkable reputation is well deserved indeed.


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