25 Best Hotel Swimming Pools in the World

Domus Civita, Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

Domus Civita

Take a trip back in time to Domus Civita, part of a grand Italian palazzo that dates back to the 14th-century.

Hidden in the splendorous surrounds of a fairytale hill town that oozes Italian charm, this is a mystical place, built atop a labyrinth of underground caves, and it is down here, deep beneath the surface and far from prying eyes, that the jewel in the crown is to be discovered.

That jewel? The unique pool that is built into the cave system, accessed from the formal Italian gardens, with its soothing blue waters offering a little respite from the hot Viterbo sun and a place of peace and privacy. There’s also a hot tub down here for those with relaxation in mind, not to mention access to an underground art gallery and wine storage grotto. With a personal chef at your disposal and history and heritage all around, you’ll never want to leave.


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