20 Warning Signs From Nature That Disaster Is About To Strike

Bands In The Sky

Image: John Kerstholt, Wikimedia Commons

Bands forming in the sky? Such a sight can appear attractive. Don’t be fooled, however, for the consequences can be severe indeed.

Known as Inflow Bands, such cloud formations indicate that a tornado is starting to take shape. Spotted the signs? Take our advice and don’t delay. Heed nature’s warnings and find a safe place to shelter.

Storm chasers might seek out Inflow Bands, but for those keen to avoid extreme weather and the hazards it can bring, dramatic skies should set alarm bells ringing. Look out for long streaks of rotating clouds that stretch out into the eye of the storm. This means low-level air is being drawn in from far away — and that a natural disaster is imminent. Be aware and have a safe place prepared. Bands forming in the sky? Batten down the hatches, head to the basement and keep your fingers crossed.


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