20 Warning Signs From Nature That Disaster Is About To Strike

Cracks In Your Walls Or Floors

Image: Oregon Department of Transportation, Wikimedia Commons

Noticed cracks starting to form in the floors or walls? Take heed. This is a clear sign that a sinkhole could be forming — and a warning that must not be ignored.

Most common in areas built upon unstable underground limestone, sinkholes can be enormous, opening up with little notice and swallowing everything that stands above. Don’t want to disappear into the abyss? Be sure to look out for the tell-tale signs.

There are other indications — such as doors and windows no longer closing properly, circular depressions appearing in the ground and localised subsidence in and around the property. Such things often point to a sinkhole taking shape, especially following a storm, when excessive rainfall erodes the limestone, causing the ground to collapse, often with disastrous consequences. Do you live in an area rich in limestone? Be aware, be prepared and, should cracks start to appear, be ready to move fast.


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