20 Warning Signs From Nature That Disaster Is About To Strike

Wall of Dust

Image: Zooey, Wikimedia Commons

Dust storms can be deadly. Most common in the Middle East, Africa, United States and Australia, this meteorological phenomenon is not to be underestimated. Dust storms can be several miles long and thousands of feet high.

Blanketing all in thick dirt and debris, everything that stands in a dust storm’s path is in grave danger. Most often whipped up by the strong winds from a thunderstorm, a dust storm can be hard to predict, although darkening skies should indicate that something is amiss. Look out for the tell-tale wall of dust that can often be seen from a distance. Once the storm strikes, visibility is all but non-existent, so taking decisive action can be crucial.

Those driving vehicles are in the greatest danger, so get off the road as soon as possible and find a safe place to park up until the storm has passed. Don’t forget to turn off your lights or other drivers, lost and disorientated in the dust, might make a beeline for you — with disastrous consequences.


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