20 Warning Signs From Nature That Disaster Is About To Strike

Roaring Ocean Sound

Roaring Ocean Sound
Image: Shootthedevgru, Wikipedia Commons

The sound of the ocean can be calming, but should the seas ever start to roar, it’s time to run. This is a clear warning sign that a tsunami is approaching. Trust us on this one: you don’t want to hang about on the beach.

Caused by great underwater earthquakes that displace the water above them, a tsunami is an enormous tidal wave that packs immense power. Destroying everything that stands in its path, this is a phenomenon that is to be avoided at all costs.

The Indian Ocean tsunami that devastated Banda Aceh in 2004 remains fresh in the memory, this a disaster that wreaked havoc and claimed countless lives. The wall of water came quickly, but the tsunami was preceded by that terrible tell-tale sound. Heard the roar? Leave the beach behind and head for higher ground as quickly as possible.


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