20 Warning Signs From Nature That Disaster Is About To Strike


Sharks Swimming In Deep Water

Out and about in shark-infested waters? Keep a close eye on the ocean’s inhabitants. Those swimming close to the surface are, as a general rule, quite content.

But should the sharks disappear from sight, diving down to find deeper waters, it might be time to set sail and leave. This is a clear sign from nature that a hurricane is approaching — and a warning that should not be ignored.

It might sound far-fetched, but this is a phenomenon that is rooted in science. Sharks have pores on their bodies — called lateral lines — that are able to sense the change in barometric pressure that accompanies a hurricane or tropical storm.

In addition to a sensitive inner ear that is also tuned into such things, this makes the shark an ideal early-warning system. Sharks depart for the safer waters down below in order to avoid becoming trapped in the shallows or, even worse, beached. Our advice? Follow their lead and depart the area immediately.


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