20 Unbelievable Hotels That Actually Exist

Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel, Sweden

Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel, Sweden

The Ice Hotel located in the village of Jukkasj’rvi, northern Sweden, is an unbelievable hotel made of ice where you can stay between December and early Spring. It’s a seasonal hotel rebuilt each year in December. It’s a surreal sight and you’ll really feel like you’ve stepped in an other world. A beautiful cold and frozen world.

The entire hotel is made of snow and ice blocks from the Torne river and features a bar, a church, a main hall, a reception area, and about 100 rooms for guests. Sleeping in one of the hotel’s ice rooms, kept at -5 degrees day and night, is most likely something you won’t ever forget.

What to do around? Guided Northern Lights tours, ice sculpting, ice fishing, husky sleighing, moose watching or a snowmobile safari. The Ice Hotel should be on any adventurer travel bucket list. Make sure to book your stay up to a year in advance as it’s hard to get a room.


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