20 Unbelievable Hotels That Actually Exist

Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel, Sweden

Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel, Sweden

For the ultimate private retreat, visit the exciting Mirrorcube, a unique Swedish treehouse hotel hidden deep in the forest, camouflaged’by mirrored walls which reflect its surrounding.

Approach the remote Mirrorcube hotel along a narrow gravel path through a glade of birch trees, cross a swaying 12-meter wooden rope bridge and enter your room through a near-invisible door. The mirrored room measures 4x4x4 meters and features a double bed, lounge, heated floorboards and rooftop terrace which you can reach by ladder. Six large windows inside the room provide stunning panoramic views. The hidden room also features a private balcony that allows you to go outside the box without being seen.

You might be tempted to completely hibernate in this private abode, listening to the passing rain shower pattering on your roof, leaving only to pad over to the wood-fired sauna… But there are also lush boreal forests to trek through, husky-drawn sleds to ride, rustic Nordic cuisine to be sampled, and quite possibly the Northern Lights to be peeked at, so don’t get too cosy.