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Sala Silvermine Hotel Suite, Sweden

Sala Silvermine Hotel Suite, Sweden

Would you sleep 155 metres underground one of the world’s best preserved mine? Sala definitely looks like the mines of Moria in Lord of the Ring and you’ll probably need to take a deep breath before spending the night here.

Sala used to be the largest and most important silver mine in the country. However, the precious silver had run out by the twentieth century, leaving behind the dark, empty tunnels and the cold and humid excavated chambers. Today the mine is a cool travel spot with guided tours, concerts, and an unlikely subterranean luxury hotel suite.

The dark and obscure suite is furnished with a luxurious double bed, champagne and silver furnishings. While the temperature of the surrounding tunnels is pretty humid and cold, the hotel room sits in a warm pocket of air that keeps it at a comfortable 18’C. This is the perfect place for a digital detox as there is no cell phone service that deep underground.

There are plenty of adventures to be had around the place. You can do historical tours, a high-wire assault course, go whizzing on a zip wire and explore the subterranean world of the silver mine through a number of different tracks. Sala is home to the finest cave-diving in the world. Down here, under the water, there is no current and the environment has been untouched by oxygen and light for a magical world of labyrinthine tunnels and plunge-pools.


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