20 Unbelievable Hotels That Actually Exist

Mihir Garh Palace, India

Mihir Garh Palace, India

The immense Mihir Garh hotel, near Jodhpur in India, was built to look like a sandcastle and was named the ‘most extraordinary place to stay in 2014’ by Lonely Planet.

The fort stands as a magnificent structure in the vast expanse of the Thar Desert and is an architectural marvel that takes inspiration from the rural village of Rajasthan. The tall mud walls with rounded corners and beautifully placed fireplaces are a reminder of Rajasthan’s glorious history and represent the culture, royal charm and royalty of the state.

The fort also holds nine magnificent suites. Each one is 1700 square feet of pure luxury with private Jacuzzi’s or plunge pools. Numerous alcoves, lounges and common areas commanding a spectacular view have been designed so you can admire the magnificent desert view in peace from the castle. The awe Thar desert landscape will make you want to come back here again and again.


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