20 Unbelievable Hotels That Actually Exist

Attrap’ R’ves, Allauch, France

Attrap' R'ves, Allauch, France

Immerse yourself in nature at Attrap’ R’ves (dream catcher in English), where guests sleep in fully-furnished glass pods that make you feel like you’re sleeping outdoors.

These amazing bubble-dwellings allow you the unparalleled experience of slumbering beneath the stars and still being able to see the little twinkles whenever you open your eyes. All bubbles are a short walk away from the hotel’s main building where you can peer through telescopes, eat food and relax in the Jacuzzi.

Bubbles are kept constantly inflated by a silent blower which also recycles the air inside. You can find inside a king-size bed, reading lamp, tables and chairs. Even though you are out in nature, each bubble has electricity and a bathroom with running water. Choose from transparent or tinted types of bubble depending on how much privacy you want.


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