20 Unbelievable Hotels That Actually Exist

Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Ever dreamt of sleeping on a plane, in an actual bed? It’s possible in one of the coolest hostels in the world. Spend the night in a real, converted Boeing 747’212B jumbo jet, on the ground! You can find the plane at the entrance to Stockholm airport.

This plane is a used out jumbo jet model from 1976, that was completely refitted and converted into a hostel comprising 33 rooms with 76 beds in total. The coolest room is located in the pilot’s cabin. From there you can get a panoramic view of the airport. If you don’t fancy staying the night but would like to take a look inside, you’re welcome to pop in the plane’s cafe where you can purchase breakfast, coffee, cookies, ice cream, sandwiches and warm meals.

Summer 2008 the plane was towed to its final destination at the entrance to Arlanda’s airport where it was placed on a concrete foundation with the landing gear secured in two steel cradles. You can’t miss it when going to Arlanda’s airport!


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