20 Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum is also known as the Valley of the Moon. Yet it’s a place that looks more like Mars. When Ridley Scott began shooting The Martian in 2015, this is where he headed. It’s not difficult to see why. Located in southern Jordan, there’s little Earth-like about this alien spot in the desert. Two of the more recent Star Wars movies were also filmed here. Like to visit a place from a science fiction fantasy? Wadi Rum is as close as you’ll come without heading into Outer Space.

Carved between the immense sandstone and granite rocks that dominate the landscape here, Rum is the largest wadi — or valley — in Jordan. People have been coming here since prehistoric times. Paying a visit? Be sure to look out for ancient drawings and other markings, as well as the remains of the long-lost temples that once stood here. Located 40 miles from Aqaba, getting here is easy. Take a trip to Wadi Rum and you’ll feel as though you’ve travelled a great deal further.


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