20 Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

White Desert, Farafra, Egypt

White Desert, Farafra, Egypt

You’ll feel as though you’re no longer on Earth in Egypt’s otherworldly White Desert. From afar, this strange land looks cool and covered in snow. But the truth couldn’t be more different. This is a place that can be hellishly hot. Don’t let the bright white rocks and gleaming chalk formations deceive you. Spend a little time here and you will feel the heat.

The White Desert is set in a deep geological depression, located 30 miles to the north of Farafra, and part of the much larger Western Desert. The wind-shaped rocks give the landscape a mysterious feel, whilst all is white and weird beneath the baking Egyptian sun. Linger too long and you’ll soon forget that you’re still on Earth, so different and disorientating is the unusual environment. Like to experience life on another planet? It’s easier to get to Egypt than Outer Space.


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