20 Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet


Lake Natron, Monduli, Tanzania

Lake Natron, Monduli, Tanzania

Lake Natron’s bright red waters beckon those with an eye for the unusual. Like a place from another planet, this is an alien environment indeed. Located in northern Tanzania and sitting beneath an active volcano, getting here isn’t easy.

But for those feeling curious about such things, it’s more convenient than travelling to the moon — and it’s just as fascinating.

The soda lake’s distinctive waters are highly-alkaline — with a pH reading that often exceeds 12. Mineral rich and always red, this is a place that is hostile to life and, with little living here, you could be excused for imagining that you’d journeyed to another world.

Thinking about taking a dip? Think again. So caustic are the waters here that those who come into contact don’t always live to tell the tale. The animal carcasses that litter the harsh landscape look a little like creatures turned to stone. It’s a sight that just adds to Lake Natron’s otherworldly atmosphere.