20 Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet


Torri del Vajolet (Vajolet Towers), Dolomites, Italy

Torri del Vajolet (Vajolet Towers), Dolomites, Italy

Climbers flock to the spectacular South Tyrol to tackle the famed Vajolet Towers. Featuring in Cliffhanger — the Sylvester Stallone movie — this has long been a popular location amongst the adventurous. Yet science fiction fans also find themselves drawn here.

Torri del Vajolet are six sizeable summits and the surrounding landscape takes the breath away. It’s jagged and it’s craggy. It’s also like another world — never more so than at night, when a blanket of stars lights the sky, making you feel as though you’ve travelled to Outer Space.

One of the most photographed spots in the Dolomites, this is a peaceful place that demands a visit. Whether you’re a climber or a sci-fi buff, you’ll never get tired of the Vajolet Towers and all that lies in their distinctive shadows.