20 Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet


The Spotted Lake (Kliluk), Osoyoos, Canada

Visiting Kliluk can be an eerie experience. Located in breathtaking British Columbia, this is a place a little off the established tourist trail. But those in the region ought to pay a visit.

Unusual? To describe it as such is a major understatement. Like a place from another planet, the Spotted Lake resembles nowhere else on Earth. To call it a lake is a little misleading. Kliluk comprises more than 300 separate pools, all rich in highly-concentrated minerals. Containing magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate and calcium, as well as traces of silver and titanium, this is no place to take a dip.

But for anyone with an interest in the alien, it’s a fascinating spot that demands to be seen. Nestled between the spectacular Similkameen and Okangan Valleys, Kliluk can be a little tricky to find. But those who take the time to locate the Spotted Lake’s unique shores tend to agree that it was well worth the effort.


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