20 Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet


Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), Chile

Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), Chile

The name says it all. Spending time in Valle de la Luna is like travelling to the moon. Like to experience Lunar life? Chile is the place to go — with the Moon Valley always a popular spot amongst those with an eye for the otherworldly.

Located in the sprawling Atacama Desert, it’s a little off the beaten track. That said, getting here is easier than travelling into Space. Thinking about paying a visit? No rocket is required.

Most start at San Pedro de Atacama — the small town that serves as a useful staging post — before heading deep into the desert. You’re still on Earth, but your eyes will suggest otherwise. Dried-up riverbeds, jagged peaks and unusual rock formations abound, whilst all is dry and barren amongst the canyons and the dunes. Ever dreamed about travelling to the moon? Valle de la Luna is an attractive alternative that beckons adventurers time and time again.