20 Of The Strangest Disappearances Of All Time


Where did the Piper Navajo vanish?

Where did the Piper Navajo vanish

On November 3, 1978, East Caribbean Airways pilot Irving Rivers was flying his Piper Navajo from St. Croix to St. Thomas, when he vanished, along with his craft. The skies were clear, and the flight had gone to plan, with operators at St. Thomas’s control tower sighting his plane’s lights, after he had been cleared to land. One minute his Navajo was there, the next it had evaporated, and an emergency search failed to locate Irving or the vehicle.

Irving disappeared in an area known for mysterious vanishings – the infamous Bermuda triangle, a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean running from Florida to Puerto Rico. Over the centuries, planes, people, and ships have vanished while within the triangle, to be never seen again.

Some people think bad weather may be responsible, while others theorise that magnetic forces could be disrupting compasses, making navigation difficult – or impossible.

But some say that as huge ships have apparently been swallowed up leaving no trace, supernatural forces or aliens must be responsible. As for Irving Rivers, as we still don’t know where he went – we can only note that he’s become yet another victim of the notorious Bermuda Triangle.


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