20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

The paranormal disappearance of Martha Wright

The paranormal disappearance of Martha Wright

In 1975 a married couple, Martha and Jackson Wright, pulled over in the Lincoln Tunnel while driving to New York City, to wipe condensation off the windshield of their vehicle. Martha said she was going to clean the back window, so she hopped out to do so but when Jackson turned around, she had strangely vanished.

Jackson claimed he never heard or saw anything suspicious, and an investigation turned up zero evidence of foul play. Seemingly, Martha had just disappeared – but where had she gone?

Because of the high amount of traffic passing through the tunnel, it was thought Martha would have been spotted if she had run away, or been taken, leading some to wonder if there was a spookier explanation like time travel, or aliens.

Some people say the entire story must have been false as there are no stoppages allowed in the tunnel, and there’s no evidence Martha even existed. Did she really vanish mysteriously, or did Jackson kill her, then made it all up? Was Martha even a real person or just a figment of Jackson’s imagination?


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