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The creepy mystery of actress Ada Constance Kent

The creepy mystery of actress Ada Constance Kent

Ada Constance Kent was an English screen and stage actress who was last seen on 6 March, 1939, buying a packet of cigarettes from her local pub. A friend, who hadn’t seen her for 3 months searched her Fingringhoe cottage, but as she found no sign of Constance, she called the police. A constable came, reporting that there was nobody – and no corpse, in the house at the time he looked. It appeared Ada had just left in a rush – the door was unlocked, and her coat was still hanging up. There was a supper tray with leftovers, and an open copy of Romeo and Juliet in a chair by the fireplace.

In 1942, another of Ada’s close friends searched all three rooms of the cottage, after breaking through the now locked front door. He noticed the book and the supper tray but did not discover Ada. Later, Ada’s bank told the police someone had been making large deposits into her account up until September 1948. The Police went back to check the cottage – and were baffled to discover a fully clothed skeleton next to the bed, beside an empty poison bottle. Robbery was ruled out, as money and jewels were found, but a 21 one year old man later said he had seen bones under the bed when as a child he clambered through the window. Rather creepy don’t you think?

The landlord who last saw Ada said she looked ill but as it has never been confirmed that the skeleton was hers – and a suspect has never been named. What really happened still remains a mystery.


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