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The strange abduction of Heather Teague

The strange abduction of Heather Teague

On August 26th,1995, a person peering through a telescope near the Ohio River saw something completely unexpected – a woman apparently being abducted. A man on the other side of the river, wearing a wig and a mosquito net over his face, came out of the woods and grabbed a sunbathing girl. Heather Teague abduction occurred on the Kentucky side of the River, near Newburgh, Indiana.

The police searched for Heather but the only thing they found was a piece of her swimsuit. Then a man called Marty Dill was pulled up on a routine traffic stop- inside his car were two guns, two knives, rubber gloves, rope, and duct tape. Dill’s red Ford Bronco matched a car seen parked near Heather’s and he closely fitted the witness’s description. The Police discovered blood stains in the rear of Dill’s vehicle, along with hairs that looked like Heather’s. Law enforcement had already received tips about Dill’s involvement, so they headed out to arrest him – but before they could, he shot himself in the head.

In court, his wife pleaded the 5th amendment, refusing to talk, and despite mountains of evidence, Dill was not found guilty – but no one really knows why? Heather Teague’s mother believes there was a cover up, and as the case is still pending, we’ll have to wait to find out what really happened to Heather after she was abducted that day.


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