20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

The unexplained disappearance of Claudia Kirschhoch

The unexplained disappearance of Claudia Kirschhoch

Travel writer Claudia Kirschhoch embarked on a working trip to Cuba but it got cancelled and she wound up stranded in Jamaica. She decided to stay at a hotel in Negril with a fellow writer and the pair stayed for three days before managing to book a flight home. After having breakfast with her friend on May 27, 2000, Claudia took a beach stroll, then disappeared.

When her room was searched, her passport, phone and flight ticket were discovered, but the hotel staff were careless and the phone mysteriously vanished, as did the logbook containing the license numbers of the vehicles entering and leaving the resort.

Claudia had spent some time with a bartender at the resort, and he had called in sick the day after she went missing. A hair of hers was found in his car and her scent was detected in the trunk but there was no conclusive evidence he was guilty, so he never became a suspect.

The last credible sighting was made by a lifeguard who spotted her walking on the beach in a blue bikini. Her parents felt both the hotel chain and the police mishandled evidence, so it could be a vital clue was missed, that would have been crucial to solving the case.


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