20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

The American Author Ambrose Bierce

The American Author Ambrose Bierce

In October 1913, 71-year-old author Ambrose Bierce told reporters he was leaving for Mexico, to experience the revolution. By December, Bierce had joined Mexican general Pancho Villa’s army as an observer, to witness the Battle of Tierra Blanca. Bierce went with them as far as Chihuahua – but then he vanished.

Apparently, he’d written a letter, dated December 26, 1913, that said “As to me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination.” But it was later discovered the letter had never been found and all that existed were words in Bierce’s secretary’s notebook.

Some think Bierce hid his whereabouts, as he intended to end his life. Others say he was killed in the conflict. According to a priest who documented oral accounts from Sierra Mojada, Mexico, Bierce was executed by firing squad and buried in the town cemetery.

Bierce collected stories about disappearances and told a friend he wanted to end his life in a more glorious way “than just dying in bed.” The most peculiar theory though, has to be the one he himself helped to popularise. The writer claimed there are mysterious holes in the reality people can vanish into, where nothing can escape. Whatever the real truth, with no hard evidence Bierce even went to Mexico, there’s little chance this case will be solved…