20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

The lawyer Ray Gricar goes missing

The lawyer Ray Gricar goes missing

On April 15, 2005, Pennsylvania District Attorney Ray Gricar parked his car, then abandoned it, never to be seen again. After telling his girlfriend he’d be missing work to go for a drive, he travelled 50 miles from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, to Market Street, in Lewisburg.

Police were alerted when he failed to return, and his car was discovered, with Ray’s phone inside, but without his laptop, wallet, and keys. The lawyer, had worked on a number of controversial cases, including Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse trial, where he’d decided not to prosecute.

Some of his colleagues felt this was unusual – Ray was known to be a tough attorney. It was thought his disappearance could be linked to the Sandusky case but since Ray had also been involved in busting a heroin ring it was mooted that revenge could be behind his disappearance.

His internet history revealed he’d searched for terms such as “how to fry a hard drive” and his laptop, minus the drive, was discovered under the PA-45 bridge. Months later, the drive was found by a fisherman on a bank nearby but was too waterlogged to be deciphered.

Though his girlfriend and step-daughter were potential suspects, they both passed a polygraph test, and while some said Ray had taken his own life, like his brother, he’d been reported as looking forward to retirement. Ray’s body has still not been found, and the case remains active but as it stands, there are no new leads, so his disappearance remains a mystery.


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