20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

The Pilot abducted by aliens

Frederick Valentich abducted by aliens

Australian pilot Frederick Valentich vanished while flying his rented Cessna, after calling into Air Flight Service claiming there was a large UFO with green lights 1000 feet above him.

His next transmissions were even stranger, Valentich claimed the other craft was totally still, then said it was orbiting above his plane, before reporting a rough sounding engine and losing all contact.

Neither Valentich nor his plane were located, but an eyewitness account claimed there was a green light in the sky the night he crashed. The morning after he disappeared, a farmer said he’d seen a 30 metre long flying object over his property, with a small airplane attached to its side. The farmer wrote down the aircraft’s tail number – which turned out to be the Cessna.

The problem was, these accounts did not surface until years after Valentich had disappeared, when it was known he’d claimed there was a UFO and flown in a Cessna. The night he crashed there were reports of an unidentified airplane landing on Cape Otaway, a location on his route, according to Valentich’s flight plan. There were two more factors – Valentich was an avid UFO enthusiast, and he was also a failed pilot.

An engine cowl flap that could have come from his Cessna was discovered in 1983 – so did he crash, fake his disappearance to give credence to UFOs, or did something more unearthly occur?


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