20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

Maura Murray vanishes into thin air

Maura Murray vanishes into thin air

On February the 9th, 2004, 21 year-old nursing student Maura Murray, emptied her bank account and headed towards the White Mountains in her car. The journey was short lived – Murray crashed on a New Hampshire street in Haverhill, and was discovered by a bus driver, who offered his assistance.

Murray said she’d alerted the AAA, even though she hadn’t, so he left her and called the police. But when they arrived, they only found the car, with the windshields cracked, and a rag jammed into the tailpipe. What’s strange is that all of Murray’s belongings apart from her debit cards and phone were still inside.

Murray had been arrested for credit card fraud in the months preceding the accident, and had crashed her father’s car while drunk, only two days before. She’d emailed her professors the day she disappeared to say there was a death in the family, so she would be taking a week off – but this was not the case.

Murray’s internet history revealed she’d searched for apartments in New Hampshire, and tried to find out if alcohol could damage a fetus, though she had been studying maternity.

It was theorised she ended her life, but though she was troubled, there was nothing truly disturbing her that police could uncover. Others felt she ran away to avoid getting into trouble, as she was on parole, and drunk. Then another girl, Brianna Maitland, vanished after crashing her car outside a Vermont farmhouse, 100 miles away. Though no conclusive link was found, some think the two cases must have been connected.


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