20 Mysterious Disappearances That Puzzle Experts

Donna Kay Cloud vanishes after a blind date

Donna Kay Cloud

On October 25 2016, 19 year-old Donna Kay Cloud left her son with his dad to go to a restaurant with a man she said she’d met on Facebook. On the 26th October, she texted, promising to visit her family the next day, but on the 27th, she didn’t turn up.

The police pinged Donna’s phone- she’d made several stops, before she disappeared off the grid, in the Westchase area, in Houston, without credit cards, ID, or extra clothing. There was no footage of her at the restaurant and no evidence she’d gone there.

A Houston private investigator discovered there’d been an argument between Donna and her father, and claimed this was the cause of her disappearance. Donna’s assertion she was going on a blind date was not true – she’d been living in her father’s house, and he’d asked her to leave.

But Donna also had an abusive ex-boyfriend and had been threatened by another person the day she went missing. The police did not follow up on this, though they questioned the two men last known to be with her, who said they’d dropped her off on her Dad’s driveway.

It’s difficult to imagine Donna would have abandoned her young son, but her ex could have been involved, though he passed a polygraph. Or, it could have been the person who had threatened her, and equally, the men who said they had dropped her off could be lying. Whoever is responsible, Donna Kay Cloud is still missing, and no trace of her has yet been found.


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