14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones


The giant sinkhole of Guatemala City

The sinkhole of Guatemala City

Perhaps one of the most shocking events can that can occur as a result of natural (or manmade) shifts in the ground is a sink hole. Even more shocking is the fact that they can occur anywhere, at any time. Capture them from above on drone footage and the full extent of the damage caused can be seen.

In 2010, a giant sinkhole opened up in Guatemala City, taking with it an entire road junction, a three storey building and a house. The sinkhole was thought to be caused by the rains brought by tropical storm Agatha, sadly also bringing with her hundreds of dead and injured locals. Residents have since put the blame and upset squarely at the feet of the local authorities saying that a poorly maintained sewage system was the cause of so much devastation after it couldn’t cope with the rainwaters.

As a result of tropical storm Agatha, landslides were also reported in nearby cities and neighbouring El Salvador and Honduras. Hopefully such footage can help highlight the plight of people living in often poor areas, in regions of the world on the path of hurricanes and tropical storms.


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