14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

Tornado aftermath


An extreme weather event, from ice storms to heatwaves are always devastating events, and a tornado is no exception. Now, using drones, the full extent of the devastation Mother Nature can wreak can be seen.

Footage taken by drone operator David Waltermyer after a surge of tornadoes tore through the south east of the US in April 2020 shows the shocking and saddening results. The footage is taken in Fort Oglethorpe in Georgia and Chattanooga in neighbouring Tennessee and shows that nature knows no borders.

Around 51 million people were in the path of these particular tornadoes, with many of them at home due to Coronavirus restrictions. 1.3 million people lost their electricity supply and providing shelter was tricky due to measures meant to stop the spread of the virus. Whole streets are reduced to nothing but rubble, and perhaps one of the most iconic of figures from a modern day town, the Golden Arches of a McDonalds sign, are shown to be destroyed. A choosy weather system, the footage shows how the tornado destroyed buildings that were standing next to buildings that remain completely untouched as the path of the weather system can be tracked.


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