14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

Benedictine monk spotted catching some rays

Benedictine monk spotted catching some rays

Most of us have seen a wind farm, probably from a far. However, usually out at sea or dotted along rolling hills in the countryside, this means that not many of us have seen a wind turbine up close to appreciate quite how enormous they are.

Except that is, Brother Joseph Byron, a Benedictine monk who works at a private Rhode Island school. Brother Byron has been captured in drone footage, soaking up the sun whilst relaxing at the top of one of these 175 foot constructions.

(In case you were wondering, because we were, a Benedictine monk is a monk that’s part of a monastic religious order of the Catholic church. They wear black cloaks called habits and take the Benedictine Vow, a promise of stability and obedience.)

Drone pilot Kevin Miller from California who was on holiday on Rhode Island was flying his drone out of curiosity. He was astounded to view live footage of a human relaxing at such dizzying heights.

Brother Byron was at first happy to see the drone, giving it a little wave, but when it zoomed in for a second look, he says he found it a little annoying. On coming back to earth, he said it was a regular trip that he took, and that it isn’t scary at all, and is in fact very peaceful.


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