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The worst traffic jam ever

The Worst Traffic Jam Ever

Yep, we’re calling it. Never has there been a worst traffic jam. So if you’re still reeling from the last time you were caught in city traffic, think yourself lucky you weren’t caught in this one.

It happened on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway in China, which has already earned itself the moniker of one of the world’s busiest thoroughfares. So imagine the horror of the drivers caught in this, with perhaps the perfect storm of conditions…

First up, it was the end of a national holiday, Golden Week, with millions of people heading home. (Yep, that’s millions.) Then there was fog. Then this 50 lane junction was forced down into 20 lanes due to the addition of a new official checkpoint. It’s unbelievable that a 50 lane anything even exists, let alone to reduce it to less than half on such a busy day. It’s unclear just how many hours people were left stranded for, or who was responsible for such a headache. But after that, would you ever travel by car again?


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