14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones


An airplane slides off the runway

Airplane at Trabzon airport in Turkey

When the world hears news reports of a plane crash, we collectively hold our breath, waiting for a miracle and to hear of no injuries, let alone deaths. Sadly though this isn’t usually the case. But not always, as a plane accident in Turkey in 2018 demonstrated.

Amazingly, a full aeroplane with 162 passengers and six crew members on board slid off the runway at Trabzon Airport, slipped down an embankment and only narrowly missed plunging into the Black Sea. And there were zero injuries or fatalities! All passengers and crew were safely evacuated and drone footage shows the plane left in limbo as it appears to be within meters of nosediving into the water.

It was unclear exactly what caused the incident but two factors were thought to be at play – cold, icy weather conditions and the fact that the airport, and runway, are built on land that’s been reclaimed from the sea. Reports from passengers on the plane at the time revealed that everyone on board had to wait for 20 minutes before help arrived, after the plane produced a loud noise and started shaking shortly after the plane landed from Ankara. We’re not sure we’d ever want to get on a plane again. Would you?


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