14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

Roadside bombing


Here’s another case of shocking footage, captured by a drone, as well as drones being used for shocking consequences. It’s been reported that Islamic State fighters in Iraq are now using drones as bombs to attack enemy lines.

Footage shows drones dropping deadly weapons including grenades and poisonous gases onto areas in Mosul, killing and injuring dozens. They’ve also been adding chlorine gas to car bombs, spreading the toxic gas far and wide, injuring many, many more.

To make matters worse, footage has also emerged of a puppy with a crude suicide vest strapped to its back, in the hope that it would cross enemy lines where the device could then be detonated remotely. Thankfully, in this case many lives were saved, including that of the puppy, after Iraqi freedom fighters found the tiny animal and carefully detonated the deadly device.