14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

The hammerhead shark stalker

hammerhead shark stalks swimmer

If you’re lucky enough to be living, working or holidaying in the sun hot spot that is Miami in Florida, then you’ll probably want to spend at least some of your time swimming or paddling in the crystal clear waters.

But what if you weren’t alone, and your swimming companion, far from being a friend or fellow ocean lover, was actually an enormous six foot hammerhead shark? That’s exactly what happened to one swimmer in the winter of 2020. Attacks by hammerhead sharks are rare, but with at least 15 reports of unprovoked but thankfully non-fatal hammerhead shark attacks around the world, you probably don’t want to be hanging around one for long.

This particular incident was captured by Miami based drone and ocean wildlife enthusiast, Jason McIntosh. He was flying his drone over the water, about 25 metres from the shore, when he spotted the swimmer… and the shark. And he had no way of alerting the swimmer to the danger he was in. But luckily, the shark seemingly got bored, and it swam away, as the male swimmer, who was swimming on his back (and incidentally, giving the drone a thumbs up sign) blissfully went about his swim, totally unaware. What a lucky escape!


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