14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

A trespass reprimanded


Drones are meant to capture exciting footage as it happens, and it doesn’t get more ‘exciting’ than the drone actually being shot at. As drone technology moves on at lightning speed, they’re being used more and more for good, as rescue and explorative equipment that’s saving lives. But that doesn’t stop some people hating on these pilot operated devices, as footage shot in the UK on a large private estate shows.

The unknown pilot was flying a drone over private land, which is still a grey area in the eyes of the law. Its footage captures the attention of what is assumed to be the land owner, with his eyes locked onto the drone. He also happens to have a fully loaded rifle on his person.

The land owner then cocks said rifle, aims at the drone and shoots. In one expertly aimed bullet, the large drone is taken down, presumably never to be seen again. But that didn’t stop the footage being recorded, as it literally dropped out of the sky and lands on the ground. Perhaps that’s a lesson for any would be drone operators – check who own the land you might be flying across beforehand if you want to return home with your equipment intact.


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