14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

Ghost Of the Black-Eyed Girl

Ghost Of the Black-Eyed Girl

This report of shocking drone footage begins decades before drone technology was even dreamt of. Back in 1969, Raymond Leslie Morris was jailed for life for the homicide of seven year old schoolgirl, Christine Darby in Staffordshire. Two other schoolgirl murders, three years before, that of six year old Margaret Reynolds and five year old Diana Joy Tift were also linked to Morris.

Known as the Cannock Chase murders, since all three girls were found within one mile of woodland, the homicides shocked residents of the area.

But since then, beginning in 1982, ghostly sightings have been reported, one of them captured on drone footage. There have been numerous sightings of an image of a young girl with completely black eyes, with no whites or irises in the Cannock Chase Forest.

The girl is reported as shouting for help before disappearing into the woodland. Reports have said that girl is no more than ten years old and covers her eyes with her arms, before dropping her arms revealing her ghostly eyes.

What’s more, YouTube channel, Haunted Finders, have captured what looks like the ghost of a young girl in the area in 2015. Ghostly indeed!


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