14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

A crazy accident on Interstate 10

Interstate 10 accident

Sometimes, drone footage can be amusing and light hearted. Other times it can be used for good in search and rescue missions. But other times, it highlights the perils of being a human being.

Footage taken from a drone shows the aftermath of an awful road traffic accident on Interstate 10 in Texas. Spanning both sides of the central reservation, the accident involves around 100 cars and trucks and reports at the time suggested that hundreds were injured and at least two people lost their lives. The images show a tangled mess of vehicles, after heavy fog significantly reduced visibility in the area in November 2012. It also coincided with Thanksgiving, one of the busiest days for traffic in America.

The fog was so thick that emergency responders arriving at the scene didn’t at first realise the extent of the accident. As is usually the case with such a tragedy, uninjured passengers and passers-by helped to pull those trapped inside their vehicles. So we hope some solace can be felt in the midst of such an awful event to be captured on drone footage.


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