14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

Four hours on tightrope above Rio de Janeiro

tightrope Rio

Do you know what slackliners are? We didn’t until we saw this incredible drone footage of three slackliners balanced 650 feet above the breathtaking landscape of Rio de Janeiro for four hours.

Slackliners are daredevils, who walk tightropes, high above the ground, for fun. Usually, the rope is placed between trees, which is considerably closer to the ground. But Ighor Pereira, Mitsu Kawaguchi and Marcio Cardoso decided that wasn’t high enough, and walked a tightrope 200 metres above the ground.

Their journey then took four hours to get from one end to the other, even staying sky high for sunset, but allowing for some stunning drone footage. Good balance and agility are definitely the name of the game here. Also known as high line athletes, the trio took in the views of Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and the area of Morro do Cantalgo. The sunset is absolutely amazing, making the whole city appear as if shrouded in a burning orange. As stunning as it looks, though, we think we’d prefer to look at the pictures of the event from the comfort of our own laptops, rather than actually being up that high, balanced on nothing more than a wire. How about you?


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