14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

A very lucky surfer

Great white shark swims within inches of oblivious surfer

Here’s a great example of drone technology being put to good use – as a warning system for swimmers who might be at risk of a shark attack. And Australian Matt Wilkinson sure should be thankful that this particular drone was nearby…

Swimming in the idyllic waters off Ballina in New South Wales, Matt had no idea that he was inches from a 1.5 metre great white shark. In fact, he had no idea of the danger he was in, until after he got out of the water and saw the remarkable drone footage.

It’s thought that the shark, that was circling the unsuspecting swimmer, was put off this tasty treat by either the overhead noise of a drone or the swimmers leg rope from his board touching its snout.

Either way, the recorded warning from the overhead drone urged all swimmers, surfers and bathers to get out of the water due to the presence of this enormous sea creature. Drone operator Beau Monks from Surf Life Saving NSW truly was a hero that day, as he sounded the warning after spotting the shark circling its prey. His quick thinking saved the life of another human being, and it wouldn’t have been possible without drone technology.


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