14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

A spooky clown in a cornfield

A clown in a cornfield

Scared of clowns? You might well be after watching this drone footage captured above a corn field in Huntsville, Alabama in 2016. It shows seemingly innocent footage of a corn field, corn blowing in the breeze and nature doing its thing.

But then things take a sinister turn when the drone pilot spots a figure, very much not camouflaged against the corn. Dressed in a bright orange top, luminous yellow braces and a curly wig stands a curious looking clown, leaning forwards to get a better look at the drone. Spooked, the clown then runs away through the rows of corn towards woodland, regularly turning back as if scared, eventually escaping the drone. However, are things as sinister as they seem?

Coulrophobes among us (that’s people that have an intense fear of clowns if you were unsure) will remember 2016 for the year of the Great Clown Scare. This was a time when people dressed as clowns and hung around spookily, terrifying people all across the US and Canada. So online sceptics doubt this corn field clown footage is as innocent as the YouTube poster claims. They suspect it was all a set up. We’ll leave it up to you to decide…


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