14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

A mysterious crop circle

A mysterious crop circle

OK, so all crop circles are mysterious, we hear you. But this one, spotted in 2017, still has the owner of the land, stumped. Farmer Shelley Klindt lives on her farm near Hannington in Wiltshire told the BBC that she woke to the enormous crop circle, measuring 60m (that’s 200ft in old money) on her land one summer’s morning.

Formed in a field of mature wheat within the boundaries of her farm, she was shocked to say the least. Forming crop circles on someone else’s land is actually illegal but even though Farmer Shelley describes the gigantic circular formation as annoying, she did allow curious people onto her land to view it.

At first, she tried to keep it under her hat, but drone footage of the circle went viral and people flocked to her fields. In order to prevent more damage to her land, she had to provide a cherry picker to allow her expectant public a good view.

Alas, a few days later, the crop circle disappeared as quickly as it arrived but under far less mysterious circumstances – it was wheat harvest time and the combine harvesters were out in full force.


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