14 Most Unexpected Footage Captured by Drones

A crocodile doesn’t like paparazzi

Crocodile attacks drone

In this list of unexpected drone footage, we’ve had a few incidences where human beings have become annoyed at being unexpectedly filmed by drones and have tried (some successfully, others not so) to attack and destroy the drone. But in this footage, captured in the remote outback of Western Australia, a drone gets attacked… by a crocodile! The animal was clearly either very hungry, or very annoyed.

At an unbelievable 5 metres long and a metre wide, the croc lays still in the reeds at the side of the water, hiding out of sight whilst planning its attack. And then without warning, it leaps out of the water and tries to strike the drone, possibly because it thought it might make a tasty treat. And the whole thing was captured by local fisherman and drone operator, Sean Scott.

Thankfully, Sean was quick thinking, and pulled the drone up out of the reaches of this giant crocodile who he estimates was only an inch from his pricey pride and joy. Otherwise, it would’ve been a disappointing treat for the hungry croc, and an expensive case of mistaken identity for the fisherman.


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