20 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

Gustaf III Airport, St Barths

The beautiful island of St Barths is a destination popular among the rich and famous –  celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Jon Bon Jovi have been known to holiday there, among many more. The small Caribbean island has stunning beaches, luxury hotels, designer stores… and one of the most dangerous airports on the planet.

Its incredibly short runway measures only 2,100 feet with a daunting 150-foot hill on one end and a popular beach on the other. Because of the small runway, the airport only serves small aircrafts – most only able to carry less than twenty passengers. Tourists are warned not to lounge on the section of beach that lies meters away from the runway, but these warnings go ignored and departing planes regularly fly right over the heads of sunbathers.

To make the landing extra difficult, mountains surround the airport, forcing pilots to make a quick descent. In 2013, a light aircraft crashed into one of the surrounding mountains while attempting the tricky landing.


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