20 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

LaGuardia Airport, USA

LaGuardia Airport is dangerous because of its location in the heart of New York City. Central city airports like this one carry the possibility of thousands of casualties in the event of an accident because of their proximity to buildings, highways, and people on the ground.

New York is famous for its Skyscrapers, which pilots flying in or out of LaGuardia must dodge to avoid disaster. They have to maneuver their aircraft around the Manhattan Skyline in tight turns at low altitude, the most nerve-wracking being a delicate 180-degree turn around City Field. Meanwhile, they need to be careful to avoid the other aircrafts in the sky, which is packed with planes in the USA’s busiest airport system.

Tom Hanks fans may have seen the movie Sully, which is based on LaGuardia’s most famous incident. In 2009, a US Airways flight departed LaGuardia Airport headed for North Carolina. Only a few minutes in, the plane hit a flock of birds and lost both of its engines. A plane losing its engines is dangerous enough without factoring in that just below was a landscape full of skyscrapers and millions of people going about their lives. Miraculously, everybody onboard survived thanks to the pilot’s remarkable emergency landing.


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