20 Most Dangerous Airports In The World


Congonhas Airport, Brazil

Congonhas Airport

Sao Paulo is a vast and incredible place, so it requires 4 airports to serve it. One of these, in Congonhas airport, has one of the world’s riskiest landing strips. The danger comes from water accumulating on the runway, causing it to become slippery. It’s also extremely short – creating a deadly combination.

For a long time, locals feared that the risks here were bound to lead to a huge accident, and in the Summer of 2007, their fears were realised. It was an especially wet day when an Airbus carrying 187 people overran the slippery runway, crossed a major road, and crashed into an adjacent warehouse.

Everyone aboard the aircraft and 12 people on the ground died in the crash. To this day, it remains Brazil’s worst aviation accident. Only the day before, this tragedy was foreshadowed when two aircrafts skidded off the runway in smaller incidents. After the crash, efforts were made to make the airport safer, including adding drainage grooves and restricting the size of aircraft allowed to use the runway.


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